Every year the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, California, hosts an annual gala as a fundraiser to celebrate science, technology, and the arts. Since they are looking forward to the transformation of the future, they picked Alchemy as the 2019 theme for this event. Members of the Exploratorium Museum will receive a gold foil invitation with a membership pin by mail. Scan the QR code on the back of the invitation, to be taken to the mobile website where you can read more information about dinner and entertainment.

Caleb Heisey
RSVP Mobile Invitation and Collateral
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I wanted to create a magical and memorable night for all the members. I was inspired by the night sky overlooking the pier and the transformation of alchemy hidden in my designs. For this project, I branded the event with exclusive gold foil and shimmery highlights in this hybrid invitation. My intention was to build excitement for the person to learn more about the event and get ready for a special occasion.