Cherry and White

Victory Brewing Company and Temple University’s Alumni Relations Board collaborated to produce a limited release beer targeted at Temple University Alumni. My class worked closely with Temple alumnus and Victory Brewing co-founder, Bill Covaleski, to create a tap sticker that would speak not only for the beer but for Temple University and alumni culture as well.

Bryan Satalino
Label and Packaging
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Cherry & White Ale debuted at Tyler School of Art and Architecture’s Craft and Draft night on October 11th and at Temple University's football homecoming game. It was an honor to have my design picked by my class, Victory Brewing Company, and Temple.

Cherry & White Ale tap sticker

My research influenced the design of the tap sticker. Temple University began as a night school for ambitious young students, therefore, an owl was adopted as its mascot. This design features an owl, but one that could have been built from the stained glass windows of Conwell Hall. I focused on using geometric shapes and texture in my designs. In my class, I also designed mockups for the beer label for bottles, cans, and packaging.

Cherry & White Ale tap sticker in a restaurant
Cherry & White Ale bottle packaging in a restaurant
Cherry & White Ale bottle packaging
Cherry & White Ale 6 pack beer case
Cherry & White Ale in a can

I enjoyed the process working with Victory Brewing Company and the Temple Alumni Board. I learned how to make edits from a client's feedback and evaluate Victory/Temple brand guidelines. This challenging experience opened my eyes as a designer. I loved seeing my design at Temple's homecoming game!

photos from Cherry & White Ale event