Borders is an educational poster that highlights how many risks border asylum refugee seekers face. This word search puzzle is a campaign to look past words said in the media about these people. All over the world, people make one of the most difficult decisions in their lives: to leave their homes in search of a safer, better life.

Dermot MacCormack
Campaign Poster
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I wanted to show words that repeat in the news and social media to reinforce their struggles are difficult to explain. Some no longer feel safe and might have been targeted just because of who they are or what they do or believe. Their ethnicity, religion, sexuality or political opinions make them frightened to speak up.

68.5 million souls are forcibly displaced-borders

The international Cyprus Poster Triennial is a nonprofit institution that specializes in the creation of posters designs as a major medium of visual education. They held an international poster competition based on the theme: borders. This project was my submission about the emphasis of borders is more than a geographical line drawn between nations and affects societies in visible and invisible ways.

poster on a bus stop sign

two posters in a subway tunnel