Pop quenches one’s thirst for something sweet, bubbly, and healthy with all-natural ingredients. It’s soda-licious! Elise Howard and Tammy Smith wanted to rebrand their craft soda with a new name and tagline, but keep their line of fruit flavors.

Caleb Heisey
Brand Label and Strategy
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Pop is a cheerful rainbow brand of craft soda. While it is targeted for kids, everyone can enjoy its cheerful designs and savor a refreshing taste. Pop allows parents to make a smart choice to bring at birthday parties and school events.

Pop logo and colors

The logo is made-up of a pop tab in the middle. I was inspired by the Pop Tab Collection Program, which collects the little tabs you pull to open soda and funds expenses at the Ronald McDonald House for kids. Pop makes collecting these tabs fun to recycle.

Lemon Lime soda can packaging
Sweet Cherry Soda, Orange Mandarin Soda, and Golden Ginger Soda
all of the Pop sodas together
Pop food truck outside of a brick building

I would encourage Elise and Tammy to consider how they will market Pop. I suggest selling Pop at local community or school events where people are more likely to try something new. Restaurants and school cafeterias could also hold Pop vending machines to further increase their demographic audience's attention.

mockup of Pop soda machines