The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent (TGD) is a media company and thriving community centered around interviews of today’s artists, makers, and risk-takers in New York City. I first learned about TGD in one of my design classes and fell in love with the interviews and podcasts they share for free. When TGD shut down in the fall of 2018, they lost momentum in posting on their website.

Sean Brodbeck
Website and App
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I wanted to rebrand their website on Wordpress to increase social engagement. My plan was to use color as a filing system of their archived stories across all platforms: magazines, interviews, films, and podcasts. This layout is easier to see what is that latest update and filters their expansive catalog. I learned how to use Wordpress to evolve content in some areas. In conclusion, I was happy to learn that there are new owners of TGD and appreciate the work that goes into web development/designing.

the current design of The Great Discontent's website

When I looked at The Great Discontent's website, I saw large bright images and helpful icons. I noticed the responsiveness grid that changes from website to smartphone. The style guide colors they use are black, white, and teal. In addition, I became curious about their secondary fox logo that only shows on special occasions that may have lost its meaning now that the website is more diverse. I wanted to change the overall brand that makes TGD more unique as a reader and designer.

my first simplified version of their website with a new logo and navigation system
the second version with the tabs
the third version that was made using Wordpress

I saw a huge difference when adding bright colors and creating contrast in line width in the home screen. I decided the previous muted urban colors were too serious for this bright magazine for artists. One thing I wanted to create was consistency across all platforms. This tab system functions as hero image for the latest article becomes more intuitive.

the mobile version

My adaptation of the navigation of the menu on the phone was to flip it vertically.

my rebranded design of The Great Discontent's website